So, things are looking pretty sweet in the world of The Town Heroes. Here are a number of things, in double reverse chronological order, we’re happy about: 1. We just got a lil’ funding from the Nova Scotia Government to start work on our new album. The Provincial Government definitely rocks! Any bands out there in NS should definitely look into the Emerging Music Business Program... good stuff. (Send us an email if you have any questions)

2. After the BERGDOG passed away, Bruce went on a mad hunt for a suitable replacement. What we found was a sweet lookin’ 2007 Impala (yet to be named... but give us some suggestions if you have any) already quoted as “The nicest vehicle to ever drive into Sussex!” (this quote also serves as number 3 on our things we’re happy about list). I don’t know what that quote says for our car, but it definitely doesn’t earn any points in Double Jeopardy for Sussex.

4. We once again ate Wild Boar burgers.

5. This happened (Mike also asked Rihanna out for a cup of tea but she suprisingly hasn't responded yet)

6. This Friday, July 1st - Canada Day- we play Alderney Landing in Dartmouth with The Trews, our good friends The Stanfields and Hey Ocean from Vancouver. We’ll be kicking things off at around supper time, 5:00, so come on down for some tunes and Canada Day festivities. Then, that night, we play the Seahorse with a wicked band, Soho Ghetto, who are releasing a single from their upcoming album.

7. We’re doing a mini tour with a great band and good friends, “Years of Ernest” from Windsor, Ontario. Lookie here! Thursday, July 7th- Elephant and Castle, Halifax Friday, July 8th- The Hoff, Inverness Saturday, July 9th - Governors, Sydney (YOE will be there, but we have a small town in Nicaragua to protect that night) Sunday, July 10th – The Coal Miners Café, Inverness They just put out an album ‘A Crooked Storyline’ that is pretty freakin’ amazing and has been spinning non stop in ‘the nicest car to ever drive into Sussex’. Maybe we’ll call the car that... nice ring to it.

So, they’re the 7 things we’re currently happy for. Hopefully everyone else out there has at least 7 things they can be happy for... make a list, shout ‘em out loud! Here are 7 more in case you’re stuck for a few: 1. Summer is here, 2. Bon Iver has a new album out, 3. Dirk beat Lebron and Company, 4. Postal strike is over, 5. Them two Brits that got married and everyone went all apeshit over are coming to PEI... not sure if it’s a good thing... but she’s right pretty... so yeah, number 5 it is, 6. Tim Horton’s Cold Stone Ice Cream, 7. Summer is here!

Stay tuned for the “CREEP” Document, info on shows and some potential big news that we’re really excited for. As always, thanks for the support and we dare you to challenge us to a game of ball hockey. Love, TTH