Well, another year has come to pass. We got to play some pretty sweet showcases in Germany, The ECMAs, Canadian Music week, Nova Scotia Music Week, won a song-writing competition, played The Pop Explosion, Evolve, Estuary Fest, a tonne of shows and festivals all over the place and met a lot of cool bands and people along the way. Thanks so much for all the support, we appreciate it more than anything you can imagine. We’re pumped to work our arses of in 2012 and see how far we can take this. To celebrate 2011, we’ve made up a list of the year’s best. Here goes: Man of the Year

This kid’s dad:
The ol’ man got him on the darts when he was 18 months old. Just look how cool the little fella is in that leather jacket and slinging the tiny little baby guitar... and how he spins the ciggy on his fingers like a seasoned pro. This kid is gonna be cool as old hell when he’s in grade 2 with a raspy old New Orleans blues man’s growl... and the only kid in the class who can speak knowledgeably about lung cancer. For givin’ the young fella a head start on coolness in the world, his father is, The Man of the Year.

Woman of the Year

This was a tough one. Both our moms were nominated. They can both bake like mother f&*$@ers and are really nice. When the votes were counted up, our Ma’s lost out to this girl. She cured polio.
Sandwich of the Year

We were in New Brunswick, driving home from a gig late at night. We were both hungry, NOTHING was open. With the impending threat of starvation approaching and the little strength that I did have leaving my helpless body, I muttered what I thought may have been my last words - “Man I’m starvin’!”. Bruce, equally famished, his driving skills now relying on pure memory, each twist and turn of the beaten down New Brunswick roads taken solely on the innate awareness of Canadian highways instilled into our brains by Tom Cochrane’s infamous hit, replied, “I think there’s a samwich in the cubby hole.” I looked. He wasn’t lying. We split the peanut butter and jam sandwich in half. It was the best/most rewarding sandwich of 2011.

Value Village of the Year

By far, the Sydney Value Village is the top of the league. Nowhere else in the world of thrift shopping can a man continually find pants with a 35-36 inch inseam for under 5 bones. They lose points for selling me winter boots that lost both soles during our first snowfall and made me walk home in the snow with the bottoms of my feet bare... but at least my ankles were warm.

Front Flipping Over Another Man While Landing on Your Feet in the End Zone to Score a Touchdown in American Football Award I thought I had this one in the bank, but Bruce was too shaky on the camera and only caught the tail end of my entry into this popular category. We sorted through the thousands of possibilities and determined this to be the best.

That’s all for now. We have a new album that we’ll be releasing this year and lots and lots of fun times and travels ahead. Keep your sticks on the ice and go for the top shelf. TTH