A letter to (Good Friend) Jay-Z: Part 3

How’s she goin’ there, Jay buddy? Been a while, uh? She’s cold as a witch’s tit up here in Nova Scotia. Oil is a bastard these days, too. $900 bucks to fill the goddamn tank!!! You still on oil or did you switch to electric like you were sayin’ you were gonna? Not too much new here. We just got asked to play the gala stage at the ECMA’s. That should be a pretty slick time I’d say. Tickets are 60 bucks a pop though, so I’m not sure if many of the gang will be out or not. Don’t feel like you have to come, I know that it’s a good chunk of change and I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to be there. I think Eastlink is gonna be streaming it though. I’ll send you the link once I know what it is. You got any good shows comin’ up? Any new tunes on the go?

Did you see last week’s television episode of “The Walking Dead”? Oh boy she’s starting to heat up, wha? What do you think is gonna happen? I know neither of us read the graphic novels (LOL) so I suppose your guess is as good as mine! Raise the roof (place hands over head with palms facing upwards while continuously and enthusiastically moving your arms in a linear up and down motion that typically, and metaphorically, indicates good times and soulful expression)!

How’s the wife these days anyway? I heard she put a new album out, she’s not easy. Who’s she getting for a radio tracker? We got Kim Sinclair to do our first single, New York City, and she got play all across the country. I guess Steven Bowers even heard it on the radio all the way out in Nanaimo, BC! If Beyonce’s still looking for someone, I definitely recommend Kim. She does a good job and it’s not too expensive, either. I suppose it all depends on funding though, eh? Did hers come through yet or is she still waiting to hear back? If she doesn’t get approved, talk to Bruce, he’s still got the DND job and a good limit on his credit card, he could probably spot a grand or two for a loan. Nothin’ worse than when you don’t get funding that you’re expecting. We got rejected for our last tour so we’re in the hole quite a bit now, actually. I think I might hafta get a job to stay afloat. It’s hard to find one here, though. I’ve already applied to a pile of different dishwashing jobs and haven’t heard a word back. I’ve got 99 problems and finding a flexible, low paying, entry level job with weekends off is certainly one of them.

What’s Blue Ivy now? 2? 3? If you guys ever just want a night to yourselves, I’m sure we can look after her. One of Bruce’s favourite movies is “3 Men and a Baby”, so he obviously knows a thing or two about kids. My favourite is “Gone Baby Gone”, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that ;) As long as she doesn’t shit her pants, we’ll be fine.

Did ya see the video that the ass-clown Kanye put out? He musta gotten into a good batch of whacky tobacky to whip that up. What a goddamn bozo. Kim’s got quite the set of hips on her though, if you know what I am saying ;) Although, your attractive statuesque fair skinned African American wife is way more attractive and statuesque than his attractive statuesque fair skinned African American wife. Do you hear me? You done pretty good for yourself there, buddy. Not too shabby for such an ugly looking bastard ;) JK (Just kidding)

You still thinkin’ about goin’ out west? My old man is just heading back and he might be able to get you a name hire. As long as you’re off the dope and can pass the piss test he’ll vouch for you. Don’t say you’re off it if you’re not, though. He’ll choke you to death if you get caught after him helping you. I’ve seen him crush a coffee mug in his bare hand so you probably don’t want those hands around your throat after you tarnish his name in the hierarchy of the Local 92.

Anyways ol’ buddy, I hope things are good with you, the woman and the little one. Oh yeah, I forgot. We finished up the video for “Berlin Wall”. I know that’s your favourite track on the record so I hope you like it.

Well, we’ll be talking. Keep the dream alive and sooner or later one of us is gonna break through. This industry is tough, but with all the work we’re putting in, one of us is due, right?

Here’s the new vid, Your good friend, Mike