A letter to Jay Z

Dear Mr. Z, What is up, dog? My name is Mike Ryan and I play in the band, The Town Heroes, from Nova Scotia, Canada. We will be travelling to New York City, December 9th – 11th, to shoot a music video for our song, “New York City”. The song is a 2 minute, alt-rock ditty promoting the diversity of the great city. Our video will highlight landmarks of Manhattan as well as the people within it.

Our band (www.thetownheroes.com), has recently been voted by the President of Canada, Sidney Crosby, as the top musical duo of shinny players in ALL the country! Can you believe it? We were pretty excited too. So obviously, we’re pretty good.

Anyways, being the avid supporter of New York that we know you are, we were just wondering if you’d be interested in being in our video. All we ask from you is to take five minutes from your day to make a cameo appearance. This could really help your career. The Town Heroes are HUGE in places like Mabou, Glencoe and Yarmouth. Do this right and you could be too. Do you get what I am saying to you, dog? Also, if you could get Beyonce, Alicia Keys or any other attractive female to be in this video, we’d appreciate that too.

Word up Brother Z! Your Brother from a different set of maternal genes, Mike Ryan