A thorough German History

Since we’re going to Germany, we decided we’d learn a bit about it. Here’s what we found out:Germany is a country in Europe that has mainly German people who speak the language German. Hitler was from there (Bad), but so is Dirk Nowitzki (Good). Johannes Gutenberg, the guy who basically invented the internet, and Martin Luther Not King are from there too. (For an accurate history of Gutenberg and Luther Not King’s history together, view this video). Awww, nuts!!!! The video has been removed from THE INTERNET because we did something illegal. Oh well... this will have to do:

A lot of scientists are from there, too. That Einstein guy and a whole whack of funny named fellas who no one ever heard of except for other scientists, call Germany home. 103 Germans won the Nobel Prize. That’s 101 more than The Town Heroes combined efforts (Bruce won in 2005 for his movie idea “HOT TSUNAMI”, and Mike recently picked one up for his invention of individually wrapped Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches which will be sold in stores worldwide very shortly).

All fast cars come from Germany, they invented cake, and the 1992 hit movie “Beethoven” about the musical genius dog composer is a German classic. They like trains, eagles, signing treaty’s (or treaties???), hate walls, and appear to all be very attractive. Sounds good to us! Well that’s a thorough history of Germany. To get ready for the trip, we decided to go moose hunting. Here was the end result.

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