First "Legitimate" Review

Hey both of you! Thanks for reading. All is well in TTH world. We have our first headlining gig @ The Seahorse this coming Friday- June, 25th, and our summer is looking pretty swell. We’ve recently been trying to get our album reviewed by legitimate newspapers and online sources. We got one back so far. I’m going to post it below and you can let me know what you think. There’s a recurring theme in it which is somewhat confusing, but at the same time, it’s highly positive.... strange though. Also, if anyone out there wants to review the album or a song or anything like that, send something to

Here goes:

The Town Heroes-Birds and Fear Review by U. Francis O

Listening to “Birds and Fear” is a close encounter of the 4th kind. It beams you up and takes you on an unforgettable ride, probing and prodding until you find yourself transported to a different world. Like a faultless UFO drifting off into the limitless abyss after an abduction, you’re left throbbing yet still wanting more. The lyrics are like strange extra-terrestrial creatures you've never seen before, but they're beautiful and mysterious. The tracks float effortlessly together into your ears, like a UFO floating across the night sky.

While each track is amazing on it's own, it is the album as a whole that is truly magnificent. It is one complete entity, like the most beautiful flying saucer, seamless and complete no matter what angle it's viewed from. When someone is touched by this album, there is a fundamental change inside them. They are never the same. Often when people are told about the album they don't believe it. It's like Roswell, people are skeptical, but those who experience it KNOW that it's real. Birds and fear will hover into your mind, and leave crop circles of musical joy on your brain. Like the documentary “Fire in The Sky”, “Birds and Fear” is true, honest and passes the lie detector.

U. Francis O.