Germany, and other things

We’re going to GERMANY! It’s true. Two Cape Bretoners who don’t even moderately come close to comprehending terminals, transfers, customs and the other complicated intricacies involved in flying through the air, are jumping on at least 3 different flights to make their way to the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. All we know is that we’ve got passports and our flights booked – the rest is up to fate... and hopefully a competent pilot.From our last flight, our trip to Canadian Music Week in Toronto, here are the three things we’ve learned:

1- Transporting 24 pre-made peanut butter and jam sandwiches through security is forbidden. I have no idea why this is the case, but arguing with security, and stating that you went “all out” and spent the big bucks on multi-grain bread will get you nowhere. Such a shame. 2- If you’re on antibiotics for an ear infection, DO NOT remove the unmarked pills from their container and place them in your pocket in order to save space. This typically does not go over well and will most likely lead to such sentences as “trafficking drugs is a serious criminal offense!” and “are you stupid, or just an idiot?” 3- When finally given the clearance to pass through security, DO NOT walk into the Star Trek Transporter Tube Searchy Thingy... lights will start flashing, and people will start yelling... and you will start crying.

So, Germany Sept 23rd, good times ahead. We actually got asked what we want on our rider! That doesn’t happen too often. Here is an exact copy of what we stated for our needs:

The Town Heroes: Rider for The Reeperbahn Festival, Friday, Sept 23rd, Canada House

1. 1 Case of German Beer 2. 2 Tasty Sausages

Thank you, The Town Heroes

Who are we to ask for more? The last time I was even close to a Rider was when I accidentally started to feast on April Wine’s. Ooops, sorry guys... but thanks for the Corona, meat and cheese!

The summer has been a busy one in the life of The Town Heroes. We played Evolve, Granville Green, Estuary Fest, Alderney Landing (twice), all over NS, PEI and NB, got English Class to number 3 on the East Coast Charts, Mike got his licence, Bruce got new Salt and Pepper Shakers, started recording a new album, played with some great bands and kept the dream alive.

We’re excited for the year ahead: Germany, a trip to Ontario, maybe “The Rock” (not Dwayne Johnson, although Bruce works with his cousin, Barry), finishing up the album, and gigs, gigs, gigs. Thanks so much for reading/listening, guys, and now that things aren’t so busy, we’ll be back to updating this thingy every week or so.

On a final note, here is what happened the night after we played Estuary Fest in Cape Breton. We stumbled upon this while walking through the woods.