Hello, good friend

Dear Mr. Z,How is it hanging, brother? It has been some time since we last talked. I understand that you were seeking my presence in the city of Austin, Texas in the previous week. I apologize for missing you this time, my man, but I was rather busy cooking Ham-burgers with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as buns for some of my close acquaintances.

What an interesting series of events: you were busy when I sought your company in New York, and when you wanted the presence of one Michael Ryan at the renowned South by Southwest Festival, I was performing the important task of bringing my pals one step closer to heart-attacks. Laugh out loud, we’re quite the pair of best friends forever, wouldn’t you agree?

After pondering through a list of potential options for us to finally catch up, I thought of, what I believe to be, a most wonderful plan. If your upcoming summer isn’t turning into a most hectic few months, you should come to Cape Breton for vacation. The Inverness Gathering is going to be banging off the hook this year. Rumour is that Sam Moon will be playing the Pig n’ Whistle! Can you believe it?! The two of us will finally get to “rock out” to a large man in a Muumuu singing popular songs from the 1970’s! I will be sure to wear all of my best bling for that particular night. You could stay at my parents place. They have a pull-out couch in the basement – it’s not incredibly comfortable, but they won’t charge you anything and Ma makes an excellent bacon and eggs breakfast. I've given it two thumbs up on many occasions. Also, I could get her to make up those “Good Little Boy Cookies” that you often talk about and regularly crave. You could also possibly get a gig at the Hoff Pub and Grill while you’re here. It pays quite well in the summer (10 dollars a head and you keep the WHOLE door!) and it’s only a 4 minute and 12 second walk from my parents home on Hillcrest St. If the Hoff is already booked, I could probably get you on at the Fisherman’s picnic. A LOT of people will be there and if you play well, there is potential to sell a couple of your compact discs. This could be the career break you have been looking for. Also, if you want to obtain a lobster roll on this particular day, we will have to make sure to be there prior to 12 noon when they have, as the past has proved time and time again, sold out.

You’re probably quite interested in what is new with Bruce and myself. Well, we’ve been playing a lot, our new album will be finished in the upcoming months, I found nearly 3 dollars in the couch cushions in the doctors waiting room (I will be going there much more often now, rolling on the floor laughing my ass off), and Bruce finished reading Ashley MacIsaac’s biography which he started in 2003. Saint Patrick’s Day was also fun. Do you have any Irish ancestry in your blood? I’m ¼. You wouldn’t believe the warm weather we’ve been having here lately, my good friend. There is more potential “tail” floating around than at a 50 Cent concert! Just kidding... you are the best! Well, that is it from me, dog. This summer will be quite fun. Holla in my general direction with any form of communication to let me know if your plans will coincide with mine and we will get together for some good times with great friends.

As always, your pal Michael Ryan