Hi Friends, We decided that we'd start one of these blog things and keep you updated about our happenings. We’ll write at least one a week but possibly more.

Here it goes.

We travelled to Sussex on the weekend for a gig at the Mason Jar. We got to stay in our first ever hotel that wasn't a Keddy's. That was both relieving and vaguely disappointing at the same time. The bar gave us free Wild Boar burgers. I'm not even sure if I believe in Wild Boars, but they definitely were delicious. Alicia Keys was at the show. She's pretty cool in person too.

The Mason Jar is cool little spot, and the staff was really nice. The show was decent and we made enough to cover gas, a few iced caps and the $4 toll between NS and NB that exists for no apparent reason. Thanks to everyone who came out, and the Bustin family as well.

We met a cat with a crooked head because he got sick at some point in time, drank NB Select beer, got the wrong change at Tim Hortons and when they gave us the right change it was still the wrong change, and Bruce thought a ski-lift was a UFO. Good times. The only bad news was that we found out importing honey bees into Nova Scotia is highly illegal. That ruins a few plans for the summer...

In other news... CD sales are going really good, we’re in regular rotation on a few radio stations, will be on the East Coast Countdown real soon, and finished a music video. We should have it online soon. Thanks for existing,


The Town Heroes