Wow! Here we are, 2018, another album done and out into the world. Since we last wrote in this thing it’s been a wild ride. We crossed the country, won some awards, played in Europe a couple times, added some band members, played to 30,000 people, had a stupid figure skating commentary video go viral and then get taken down by the International Olympic Committee, yada yada yada… and, most importantly, got to follow through on what every young musician dreams of when they pick up a guitar — interview Jose Canseco.

It’s amazing the things that playing music brings into your life. In the whirlwind barrage of touring, recording, extreme highs and desperate lows, Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches and sleeping on floors, your life becomes defined by the infinite surge of moments and epiphanies along the way.

There are delicious burritos I never knew existed, people I now consider my best friends, bands I would have never heard whose music has become the soundtrack to my life, scenic memories burned forever into my eyelids, parts of the world that will hold a little piece of me eternally, and on and on. For $1000 dollars, Jose Canseco will travel anywhere in the world to play as the ringer on your shitty baseball team. That’s something I learned because of music! Everything I’ve learned in the last 15 years has been through some peripheral association of kick-drums and power-chords — for better or for worse.  

And now, a new album. A thousand ideas, hours writing, recording, crafting and believing. The work we put in, the sacrifices made and everything we’ve gone through to make the songs come to life is all worth it when you have those shrink wrapped copies sitting in front of you. You’ll hold one in your hands, analyzing and studying every detail about it. Your face will glow with pure and uncontrollable pride. It’s your baby. You made it together with your friends, each of your DNAs spilled through it; everything you are, everything you know, chalked up into a little six inch round disc and the sounds that come from it. In this giant mess of anonymity, it’s what we are summed up in 11 songs, 42 minutes.

Everything (will be fine when we get to where we think we’re going). That’s the title. I don’t know what this album will do, where it will take us, who we’ll meet along the way or who will come into our life because of it. At the end of the day you just have to trust your gut, that feeling inside of you that tells you what to do, where your feet land on the road, and what your eyes gravitate towards. You trust it because you have to. Because it’s all you know.

I don’t know what will happen, but know it’s what’s supposed to.


We haven’t been writing in here much the past while. The stories are still happening. They’re still being gathered. They’ll come to you soon in a few different ways.

I’ll end this with a quote from our good friend Jose Canseco (as said to us at the sports celebrity dinner in 2016)
“… when I was a kid I could hit a ball like a rocket… like a goddamn spaceship taking off in Cape Canaveral. If Captain America can take steroids, we all should be able to. I’m like the real life version of the Captain. You see these forearms? Look at them… JUST LOOK AT THEM!. You don’t see these everyday, do you? Show me yours… no? You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve done… the feats I’ve accomplished. One day we’ll all be on steroids… every single last one of us. We’ll be an advanced civilization… looking back on these days like we look back on cavemen now. Puny, pathetic cavemen.”

Thanks for those inspiring words, Jose. Soon enough we’ll all be on the ‘roids and able to bend steel and date Madonna. As for now, we’ll just keep making music.

Thanks for all the support fellas, it means the world to us. Have a listen to the album and let us know what you think. We’ll be heading to Germany in September and announcing our Canadian dates very soon. Keep your stick on the ice and much love,


Listen to "Everything" here:


Here's our album cover by the talented Megan Green of Abracazebra Productions:

Album Cover