Video/Germany/Album/Tour/ etc...

Hello, internet inhabitants! We hope all is well with you cool cats out there in CYBER SPACE. A new school year is upon us which means there’s really good deals on pens and Mini Vans. We hope you stocked up on both. We’ve got a pile of news and good things happening that we want to inform you about. We’ll keep this brief and a lot more news oriented (if you’re not already reading this in a Bruce Frisko voice, we suggest you turn yours on now) than our usual blogs, but don’t fret; after this post we’ll be writing a new one every week. A few of the topics covered will be: Performing on The Titanic 2 (Titanic 1 was a boat that sank, in case you haven’t heard of it yet), disposing of corpses, Seymour Stein, Hand Dryers, Jay Z, etc... So, here’s 6 things we have on the go right now, and in the next few months.

1. A new music video. It’s for New York City, the first single on our new Album. The whole thing was shot in the Big Apple and we had a blast and a half filming it. No matter what you do in New York, everything feels like a movie, and you’re the star - good times! I’ll write a good bed time story about that another time. Take a look, show a friend. This video has actually been proven by Doctors to lower blood pressure and cholesterol while increasing IQ with each viewing.

2. We’re going back to Hamburg, Germany, Sept 21st, to play The Reeperbahn Festival again! AND... one of our shows is on a boat!!! I didn’t think things in Hamburg could get much better than the last time we were there, but getting to rock out on a boat, in the country that invented Puma sneakers, in a city that sounds like something I like to eat is going to be pretty darn awesome in every way imaginable. In case you’re wondering what happened last time we were there, check this video out:
3. The official retail release of our album, Sunday Movies, through Warner Music Canada happens Tuesday, October 1st. We’re as excited as a bear in a hot-dog factory for this. It’s our second child together, 11 songs that we can’t wait to let out into the world. The work we put in, everything we went through over the last year to make those songs come to life is all worth it when you have a mound of shrink wrapped copies sitting in front of you - there’s no smell like new CD smell. And you’ll hold one in your hands, analyze every detail about it even though you looked at the artwork a thousand times before, and you’ll be proud of it. Because it’s your baby – you made it together, each of your DNAs spilled through it, everything you are, everything you know, chalked up into a little six inch round disc and its case. It means as much to you as an eight pound, slimy, squealing human coming out of a vagina.

4. Our CD Release show for Sunday Movies is October, 5th at The Seahorse Tavern in Halifax. Willie Stratton and Floodland, two of our favourite Halifax bands, will also be playing. We’ll have piles of CDs and new T-Shirts for sale. We love music, we love playing The Seahorse and we love you. Come on out!

5. We get to play the Halifax Pop Explosion again! On Saturday, October 26th, we play with The Golden Dogs, Islands and some other cool bands. Check it out:

6. We’re doing a cross Canada tour starting in November. We’ll be playing pretty much every village, town and City in Canada (well... about 25 of them or so). This will be our first full Canadian tour, the first time we see the Rockies and the Pacific. We’ve been overseas a pile of times to play but we’ve only played as far west in our own country as Windsor, Ontario. And... the best part of all of this... we’re touring with our good friends, The Stanfields. They’re a great band and some of the biggest Wilber’s we know, so it should be non-stop laughs and musical rapture. Here’s where we’ll be and when:

November 12 - Kingston, ON @ Clark Hall Pub (acoustic show) November 13 - Montreal, QC @ Quai des Brumes (acoustic show) November 14 - Wakefield, QC @ Blacksheep (acoustic show) November 15 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine (rock show) November 16 - Guelph, ON @ Van Gogh's Ear (rock show) November 17 - Toronto, ON@ Rivoli (acoustic show) November 19 - Banff, AB @ Devils Gap (rock show) November 20 - Lloydminster, SK @ The Root (acoustic show) November 21 - Red Deer, AB @ The Vat (rock show) November 22 - Edmonton, AB @ The Pawn Shop (rock show) November 23 - Calgary, AB @ Dicken's (rock show) November 24 - Golden, BC@ Rockwater (acoustic show) November 25 - Fernie, BC @ Northern Hotel (acoustic show) November 26 - Nelson, BC @ Hume Hotel (acoustic show) November 27 - Kelowna, BC @ The Habitat (acoustic show) November 28 - Victoria, BC @ The Strathcona Hotel (acoustic show) November 29 - Victoria, BC @ Club 9ONE9 (rock show) November 30 - Vancouver, BC @ The Cellar (rock show) December 01 - Vancouver, BC @ The Railway Club (acoustic show)

So that’s what we have on the go up until December. After that we’ll be touring more places, releasing more videos, writing more songs, eating lots of hot-dogs and whatever else our musical journey takes us on. Either way, we can’t wait to see what happens. TTH