Welcome to "The Internet"

We did it, we got a real website... a www one and all! Props to Glen Leck for putting the aesthetic masterpiece together and Mat Dunlap for the ball-hockey shots (our challenge to any other band for a game of 2 on 2 ball-hockey with trash can nets still stands). Since this is our first post, and just over a year to the day since we became The Town Heroes and put out our first album “Birds and Fear”, we figured we’d do a little recap about the things that happened over the last year. It’s been busy, but here goes: We released Birds and Fear at the Elephant and Castle on May 29th, 2010, played all over Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick, our first single hit number 3 on the East Coast charts, we were nominated for Alternative Album of the Year and New Artist of the Year by Music Nova Scotia, showcased alongside Wintersleep at Nova Scotia Music Week, got a nice slew of radio play all over the place, played with The Ataris (remember them? They did the cover of “Boys of Summer” like ten years ago and still apparently exist), won the Radiostar SongWriting Competition for Nova Scotia and got to stay in a fancy hotel ( it even had those guys that carry your luggage for you!) in Toronto, showcased at Canadian Music Week, played the Rising Star Stage at the ECMAs and got picked for the ECMA Rock Compilation Disk, were voted the Best New Band In Halifax and got royalty cheques that could buy more than a loaf of multi-grain bread and a can of Rickard’s White.

All in all (or is it all ‘and’ all?), it’s been an amazing year, we’ve met some really cool people, played with wicked bands and got to visit some cool cities and towns. We have an awesome summer of gigs coming up with a few spots on Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, a mini tour with our good friends “Years of Ernest” from Ontario, a slot at the Evolve Festival and gigs all over the Maritimes. Check out our “Shows” tab for a list of all our gigs.

We’ll be posting on here every chance we get with write-ups, videos and new pictures. We ’ve also included some old blog posts from blogspot that you can check out below.

We REALLY do appreciate all the support you give us and thank you wholeheartedly. Thanks so much for everything and we hope to see you guys around this summer. We’ll keep rocking out, being sweaty, loving music and givin’ ‘er our all... as long as you guys promise to do the same.

Here are 3 fun facts about Birds and Fear: -The first copy of Birds and Fear was given to the delivery driver who dropped off the albums at our house -The Two most famous people who have copies of Birds and Fear are Jack White and Phillip Glass (If they’re using the CD for more than a coaster or pizza cutter, we'd be surprised) -Dan Hill (The fella who wrote that "Sometimes When We Touch" song) liked our song "Hit Potential"... that was pretty cool.

Thanks a million and check back soon, Mike and Bruce