I hope it meant something to you because it did to me
And I remember it all like yesterday

It must of meant something to you because it did to me
And I remember it all like yesterday

The walls are shaking, my heart is taking the heat of this
My mind is racing, my heart is breaking in two for this

I hope I meant something to you because you did to me
When I remember it all, it was better then

Do you ever think that maybe if we held our breath it would all go back to what it was?


I fell in love with a new constellation
On the shores of Dunvegan
I fell in love with an old conversation
Even more than when it began

I watched the sun as it set on the west side
Heard a story I needed to hear
Found everything that I needed to find
Felt the flesh of your cheek as you neared

I wouldn’t change it at all, not a thing, no
All that I need is right here, waiting for me

I watched the town as it danced to “Vampires”
Dipped my wounds in the salt of the sea
Built an old driftwood campfire
Was whatever I wanted to be

If this winter ends, I will be there with my friends
On the shore we did before, every other year we did before
If this winter ends, I will be there with my friends
I will hold it in my mind no matter where we go when it is time.
I will hold it in my mind no matter where we go

We can feel it more each time
Everyone is on our side

Baton Rouge

I figured out the only way, the truth will get you through the day
The only way I've ever learned, was through fucking up and getting burned

I fought a man in Baton Rouge, he beat me down my face was bruised
He taught me something I should know, don't judge a man by size no more

I kissed a girl in Mexico, she said "Please don't ever let me go!"
And I loved her till the day she disappeared with all my pay

Holdin' Up Grants

Worryin` bout coyotes and the girls on your mind, on top of an old mountain you`ve climbed a thousand times, eagle up above, legs can go forever, my hands aren`t even cold the weathers getting better

Thankful for the glaciers, you say it out aloud, no one`s even near you, to hear you or your sounds
You feel it in the air, you feel it in your blood, things are really changing, they really are

When you make it home, we can make it happen
When you feel it too, you know that it`s coming

Summer's getting close make it home for the good days: Livin' on the coast with your fires and your own pace, getting younger, getting stronger, she's so pretty, ya belong with 'er

Holdin' up Grants because you did when you were seventeen
Can feel it in your hands you'd swear that it's a better dream
Than any were before
Gonna hold on a little more


Working man's hands and a heart like the Nile River
Big strong arms that are going a mile a minute
He can explain the Ukraine Crisis, chop a chord of wood, tell you clearly what life is

Working out west in the Fort Mac sands
Travelling back and forth gets hard on a man
Was waiting on a call for a promised "name hire" but the bastards don't call so he's poor for a while

There's politics no matter what you do
It's all who you know and not what you've proved
I'm gonna write hit, open new doors, you don't worry about the fuckers in the union no more

For what it's worth I think you're doing good, Dad
I'm proud of you and I'm certainly glad
To call you my father and tell who I know that you're Hercules in working man's clothes

If I knew God I would ask for a raise
Trade in this winter for some summer days
If I knew Allah I would call in a favor
Show me the way and I'll call you my saviour
If I knew Jesus I would learn some tricks
Walking on water making wine for kicks
If I knew (the right) people we wouldn't have to worry no more

I'd probably make more money if I didn't curse and swear
Sang about blue eyes and pretty long blonde hair
Used words like baby and lines like "I love you" too, but that's all for singers with no mud on their shoes

I don't care about money but I'd like some dough
So dad don't have to work out west no more
Mom can retire, I'll put my niece through school, buy my brothers new cars and take my girl to Peru