New York City

I know the perfect place but I can't afford the gas fare
There's buildings into space and the faces never sleep there
I guess it's made of gold, maybe we could steal a piece
Before we get to old, maybe we could see it

There's room for you in New York City

We're playing for the door but we're supposed to get a pitcher
If you buy me more, I'll take a mental picture
And put you in my books, my one of my many books
Looks like we're gonna be saved, he's wearing a business suit
Shaved and ready to take on the world
Are you ready to take on the world?

Berlin Wall

I can feel you everywhere, you're on the street and in my air
I don't think that I can let you go
'cause I'd push down the Berlin Wall, fight the war or take the fall
I would do whatever gets you through

'Cause you got all a guy like me would ever want or ever need
I won't ever let you go, now it's the truth you need to know

When I'm strong I'm strong enough, If I'm wrong is it wrong to love?
I don't think that I could want you more
I could fill a book or two, tell you everything is true
Build you your own mountain when I'm through

Laser Eyes

If you founded the gold rush, then you must have that old lust, running through your blood like the rhythm of your heart must
I guess I know the way but I guess I guess too much and I'm stuck inside a shitty movie moving like a lush
If you got your movin' shoes I will move with you but I move like glue, you're stranger than the strangest man I kinda know but I wish I knew
I'm stuck right here, all night long, I'll tap my feet to my favourite song, got no diamonds near my soles, just the knowledge of how shit goes

And she turns around and she's got lasers for her eyes
I'd tell her that I'm different, but I'm different I don't lie
I got no place to take you and I'm older than I look,
But I'd let you in my world if my world is what it took

She looks at me with those future eyes, burns my face so I turn to the side
She takes out some kinda organizer, marks an X by 'bored and denied her' 
walks into the smoke and the crowd, disappears and the drums get loud
And I'm left alone again, stuck right here as the music sends
Something through my body that I wish that hers would do
Oh, oh oh, Oh oh oh


I heard something Good
Heard you're disappearing soon
I'd disappear myself
If I knew I'd make it through

Pre- 1
Would you meet me on my good side?
Meet me before dark
Meet me on my good side
Before this falls apart
'Cause I got everything that you'll ever need
If I'm wrong, I'll let you look inside of me
Come with me we'll disappear into the night
All my words mean nothing till you know I'm right

So, if I followed you to Cambridge
If I followed you through fire
Would you tell me I'm still wrong?
Say everything you want to tell me
I'll believe you like a cold wind
I'll believe you like it burns

I heard something good
Heard you're leaving before sunrise
Getting on a plane
Moving far away

Rust Away

Spill out your guts all 28 feet of 'em
Looks good on a plate with all your sins lined up good, chronological order
I'm not like the others but I'm pretty much the same
I'm an old soul playing new games, gonna rust away
Gonna rust the same

Every time I face the world it's gonna tell me that, I shoulda changed, I shoulda changed when you did
Everything you face yourself is a reminder, that we burn, that we burn out alone

I don't even know where we go when it's over do you?
Could be heaven, could be hell, could be coming back an ant... 
Could be sleeping forever
I don't want you crying and I don't want ya scared,
Gotta find consolation in the fact that we all get there,
That we all get there.

Sunday Movies

Pills, puffers, mist and lovers are gonna fix me but I gotta fix another part of all of this
Before we can move

Some ways you lie to yourself, you're giving just a little more
To hope that you're right

If we're gonna make it work, then we need a little disappearing
Find if we're fine on our own like a searching Buddah

If I come around then I'm coming for you
I'll wait at the ends of those Sunday Movies
If you mighta' found what I'm running from then
I'll wait in the lows of those Sunday movies

Take all the steps that we need that we're supposed to take
And leave all the rest to the gods 'cause they're gonna take care
Of you

Run baby, stay maybe, don't disappear or hate me
Lay with here and I'm not gonna tell you that we shouldn't
Be alone and we shouldn't be a hidin' from the world
It's all gonna be fine

Holdin' Up Grants

Worryin` bout coyotes and the girls on your mind, on top of an old mountain you`ve climbed a thousand times, eagle up above, legs can go forever, my hands aren`t even cold the weathers getting better

Thankful for the glaciers, you say it out aloud, no one`s even near you, to hear you or your sounds
You feel it in the air, you feel it in your blood, things are really changing, they really are

When you make it home, we can make it happen
When you feel it too, you know that it`s coming

Summer's getting close make it home for the good days: Livin' on the coast with your fires and your own pace, getting younger, getting stronger, she's so pretty, ya belong with 'er

Holdin' up Grants because you did when you were seventeen
Can feel it in your hands you'd swear that it's a better dream
Than any were before
Gonna hold on a little more

Pile of Bones

I found your face in a pile of bones
Don't ever think that I'd leave you alone
I know you're a liar and you're probably a thief
Don't ever think that I'd leave you alone

I found you in pieces but I'll piece you together
Give me your bones and I'll fix you forever
They're two Faced you say but we all are in ways
Don't ever think that I'd leave you alone

Promise me that today will be the last I see you this way

I watch so many clocks because the mirrors we broke
Are counting the days till this turns, we hope
You're cold, you're getting scared, you got no money, got no home
Don't ever think I'd leave you alone

You gotta try a little harder


I Saw him last night, he was a little afraid
I think we all are too x 2
I said that I'd see you, when the weathers warm
When the summer's here, and we're all gone home
Oh oh oh

I said don't you worry
Keep your head up high
Your gonna make it through x2

Everything's changing, I guess you're following times
I think we all are too x2

Just because we've grown doesn't mean that we're invincible
But I'm bulletproof, if you got my back
Just because we know doesn't mean that we'll be sensible
But I'm bulletproof, if you got my back

Cowboys and Indians

I got my face in the fire but I'm falling asleep
Might be the liquor, might be the weeks –that I fell in to
Turned my guitar into a piano, cowboys and Indians- both in my blood
I'm covered in blood, I'm covered in blood
Maybe if I prayed I would be luckier
Glass is broken, stuck in my feet
Calloused shin-splints, lucky teeth
Can't jump to the moon no more (x4)

Card Reader

The winter's fallin', I've been wet since christmas, a new pair of boots would do me better than
This kiss
I would venture to tell you the truth but the truth aint so pretty, I'd have to admit
I do think that you're beautiful but when you're worryin' bout somethin' it's hard to ignore
It is

Cup of tea and a pocket of knowin', seems so long since my body stopped growin'
I dunno what the card reader said but i'm willing to venture it's "Stay away from that boy"
I dunno if you like the hits, but you can sing along girl it's goes(STOP) like this
Oh oh oh oh oh

Couches are decent but i'd rather a bed, maybe the comfort's just a thing in my head
I kill at teen jeopardy think that a celebrity girl would be cool hangin on my arm
I like the fire but I hate the war, I think that maybe(STOP) i'm better keepin' time on the floor
Keep time... (percussion break)

Workin on my dance moves lettin' out my feelings, shakin to the trance grooves know it's what I'm needing
I'll teach you what I know I'm a prophet in the world of the lowest of the low
I'm the lowest of 'em all
I dunno what the card reader said but that's cool with me
Yeah that`s cool